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Talk to an expert: 888.824.5885

We've joined
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RealCom Solutions is excited to announce it has joined Bridgepointe Technologies, the nation's leading technology advisory firm. Our combined companies will further drive client success with continued value-added, high-touch client services and cost-effective custom technology solutions our clients have grown to know and rely on. Learn More.

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For existing Service Management and Hospitality Infrastructure Clients

TekSecute Technology Group is a trusted partner of Bridgepointe Technologies and will continue to provide infrastructure, break-fix and custom technology solutions focused on the Hospitality Industry.
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Take back valuable time and resources

We improve what’s working and fix what’s not.

No one expects you to be the expert in all things, especially in the rapid-changing landscape of technology. However, you can hire experts and save your organization a significant amount of time and money.
(Ahem…we are those experts!)

The letters VS
Your workload without RealCom
  • RFP Evaluations
  • Vendor Selections
  • Vendor Management
  • Hardware Installations
  • Infrastructure
  • Billing Evaluations
  • Billing Disconnects
  • System Evaluations
  • Repair Escalations
  • Repair Vendor Systems
Your workload with RealCom
Estimated 75% time back - image circle 75% completed
Expand your team’s ability without the overhead.

Let us jump in and help whenever and however you need us.

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Technology design
System architecture
Product & services
General advice
Target sight symbol
Analyze & optimize current state
Recommend optimal solutions
Negotiate best prices
A desk with a table lamp
Project management
Vendor management
Infrastructure & hardware installations
A circle with three smaller circles equally spaced surrounding it
Inventory management
Contract management
Transfer of services
Billing disconnects
A green block
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Together we are stronger

Dedicated service and support guiding you from start to finish.

From voice, data, cybersecurity and wireless service plans to equipment, installation and management services, RealCom Solutions becomes part of your team to optimize and enhance your telecommunications and technology solutions.

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Stop paying for services and hardware you no longer use, and ensure you have the best technology with our cost-free analysis and optimization services.
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Outdated infrastructure or net new technology, we engineer, source and install the optimal solution for your business.
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lifecycle management

Keep costs in check with our end-to-end services that go beyond seamless implementation to help manage inventory and monitor contracts.
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From physical to cyber security, we keep your business safe and compliant with state-of-the-art hardware and customized solutions.
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We value our relationships

Our clients like us so much it’s kind of awkward.

What can we say, we consider them family!

From startup phase to established business, RealCom has come through again and again proving to be invaluable in their vendor management, implemented processes and customized solutions. I would refer anyone to RealCom if they’re looking for top of the line client delivery in Telecommunications and Technology solutions.”

Michael Bush - VP Operations

Industry Agnostic

No limits to who we can serve.

Our team is here to ensure the right technology solution is implemented from the start, no matter what industry you are in—hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, energy, and everything in between.

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