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Talk to an expert: 888.824.5885

Analysis & Optimizations

Customized technology analysis and optimizations.

Take back control of your technology with information that helps optimize existing solutions, consolidate technology, and reduce expenses.

solutions that fit your needs

A customized approach to find you savings.

Every industry and client need is different. That’s why we go the extra mile to customize our clients’ experience--from detailed analysis and reports to vendor contracts we negotiate.

But the outcome is always the same. Our clients get better services with improved customer experience, and reduce month expenses.

ways we help you save

In-depth review and analysis.

Our specialized team of experts reviews your inventory and the purpose of each technology solution currently in place to find ways to save money and improve efficiencies.

  • Find and eliminate duplicate services
  • Negotiate better terms with carriers
  • Review invoices for accurate billing
  • Implement improved technology 
Services we offer

Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

  • Inventory & cost breakdown: Get a customized analysis, including an inventory and cost analysis of existing solutions with layers of details such as base costs and cost allocation, delivered in an easy to consume and organized report.  
  • Vendor vetting: Rest assured, the relationships we have built over the last 25+ years with our vast network of service providers helps get you the best possible pricing (think: friends and family).
  • Contract Management: Need help negotiating a new contract or getting out of an unfavorable one? Our team can work miracles and will ensure the best possible outcome for your ever-changing business needs.
  • Solutions Proposal: We bring you multiple options that can better meet your business needs and exceed industry standards; but the ultimate choice to decide on the best fit is up to you.

“I have used RealCom not just in one company but several in which I have worked over the years. They have assisted with consolidated services and reducing significant costs which aided in budgeting and finding additional resources where before resources were unavailable. In addition to consolidating & cost reduction, RealCom has implemented more reliable services for day-to-day operational as well as customer services improvement.”

Beth Briggs – VP, Information Technology
Mongolian Concepts

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Looking for monthly savings?

Of the 1000s of optimizations we’ve completed, we’ve helped nearly 90% of our clients find ways to cut their technology expenses. Would you like to be next?

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