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Talk to an expert: 888.824.5885

Disconnects & Disputes

Find cost savings by only paying for services you use.

Disconnecting services you no longer need may require  a lot more than just a phone call. We can help.

Hassle-free disconnection services

Disconnect the right services at the right time.

If your technology and service providers are interwoven among multiple areas of the business, knowing which services to disconnect (without losing ones you need) requires an optimization analysis.

When it comes to disconnecting services promptly, each provider has their own constantly-changing method that can be complex and time consuming--making phone calls, filling out forms, and preparing and submitting proper documentation. 

Services we offer

We simplify a complex process to promptly disconnect your unused services.

  • Disconnect Management: From end to end, we manage every aspect to confirm disconnection of ceased services. 
  • Carrier Return Material Authorization (RMA): When necessary, we coordinate and confirm equipment return to avoid unsightly fees.  
  • Billing Verification: Avoid duplicate payments for unused services with detailed billing verification services. 
  • Dispute Management: We’re your advocate and will resolve any discrepancies in billing or disconnect and manage a resolution.
We are ready to help

Save your team a significant amount of time and resources.

Let us navigate this complex world so you don’t foot the bill for unused services.

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